Company history details

In the beginning of the last century the tradition came into being, which develops so far.

In 1900 Mr. Vilém Doležal established his locksmith craft and under following close cooperation with Mr. Václav Těhník the public trade company DOLEŽAL-TĚHNÍK locksmithery Prostějov was established in 1907. In 1912 the developing company completed the criteria for the company registration and changed its name into DOLEŽAL a TĚHNÍK, Ironware Plant Prostějov. Within the course of time the company enlarged its activities and new partners were adopted as well.

The company was nationalized in 1948 and the integration into state facility Mine and Metallurgical Company Prague was carried out. Afterwards the independent state company Ironworks Prostějov was established.

At the beginning of fifties the building of spacious hall for the turnout trackwork manufacture began and in 1956 the production of turnouts from Vítkovice Steel redeployment into Železárny (Ironworks) Prostějov was carried out.

A new era development came after ending of the process of privatization in 1992, when the D+T Železárny, Ltd. (Ironworks) was established. It was the basis how to follow the good reputation of the company well known in the past. The Prague affiliation became the inseparable part of the company organizing structure.

In 1995 the company was renamed at DT výhybkárna a mostárna, Ltd. (DT Pointworks and Bridgeworks), which in fact was the declaration of its main branches activity. In 1998 the company was restructured and the four plants without the legal subjectivity were established –Plant Pointworks, Plant Bridgeworks, Plant Energetics – Engineering and the Plant Assembly and Installation.

In 2002 the subsidiary company DT – Slovenská výhybkáreň, a.s. (DT – Slovakian Poitworks, plc.) in Nové Mesto nad Váhom was established with aim to supply turnouts trackwork onto Slovakian market.

In 2004 the legal status was changed and the company was renamed into DT výhybkárna a mostárna, a.s. (DT Pointworks and Bridgeworks, plc). The Plant Assembly and Installation was dissolved and its activities were incorporated into Plant Pointworks and Bridgeworks. The task of plants was the full development of the production to be successful on the market, which means to follow the business, manufacture and economic functions on the inland and foreign market as well.

The Plant Bridgeworks all assets were sold in 2006 and the company was renamed into DT Výhybkána a strojírna, a.s. (DT Poitworks and Engineering, plc.) in 2007.

In 2010 the subsidiary company DTPV – Servisní, s.r.o. Prostějov was established. It provides the logistics and service for paternal company and for other subjects as well.

In 2012 the acquisition of foundry Bari Fonderie Meridionali S.p.A. the seat of which is Bari, Italy, was carried out.

In 2012 the legal status of the subsidiary company DT – Slovenská výhybkáreň, plc. was changed into DT – Slovenská výhybkáreň, Ltd.

On 1st January 2013 the merger of plants Pointworks and Engineering into single organizational unit was carried out.

On 29th December 2015 the contract on the sale of the manufacturing plant Bari Fonderie Meridionali S.p.A. to Rete Ferrovia Italiana was signed and any manufacturing activity of the company DT in Italy was therefore terminated.