Company background

Our main production programs are: railway turnouts, tramway turnouts (applied for city and suburban city transport), mine turnouts and all atypical constructions. We design, develop, manufacture and install all of our products. We also offer a full regeneration and warranty service and a full assortment of spare parts.

We provide full accessories for turnouts and we are the service partner for projecting, putting into operation and for turnout trackwork full operation.

The utmost care is applied to the turnout development, particularly the application of new materials and technologies, which enhance the product quality and extend its operational life.

We take our part on building of the Czech Republic Railway network, which with its density belongs to the most extensive one in the world. The  turnout deliveries designed for the Czech corridors operated by SZDC, s.o. are the most prestigious part of our production portfolio.

We supply the turnout trackwork into Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia as well.The up-to-date CNC machining plants delivered by renowned European producers are employed for machining of turnout parts and the further trackwork with demanding geometry.


Company premises