Visions, Strategy, Values

Company vision by 2020

Expected weakening of the domestic market we will fight with permanent strengthening of our production abilities, with international cooperation and expansion of our activities onto foreign market. Our aim is to develop our company to the benefit of our customers, employees, management and owners.

Company Code

Our personnel
We guarantee the development of workmanship and the initiative in environment of open communication and social understanding and we offer them utilization of acquired knowledge on the global market.

We create long-lasting relations and we consistently meet our contracting obligations. Our success is the success of our partners as well.

The highest technical level, well-tried company solution, top workmanship and the perfect services are our assets.

Our property is rationally treated, used and defended. We strengthen this way our production abilities.

World around and the life environment
We behave responsibly towards the internal and external environment.

Top management obligations
We permanently cultivate and improve all activities of the company.


Positive thinking and energy

Global strategy

Position on the market
We strengthen our position in the market, we devote the care to our customers.

Finance stability
We stabilize the net income and we apply it to the benefit of the investing and technical development.

Productivity increase
We secure the productivity grow and the wage level accordingly.

Development of productive abilities and the company behaviour
We try to gain the competition assets by means of new products development, with suitable investing policy and with know-how development

  • Product research and development
  • New technology development
  • Investment and acquisition processes

Personnel training
We educate our employees towards responsibility, ethics and professionalism and we exploit their capacities. We reward them according to the performance and merit, depending on the company's results.

Processes and products qualities
We permanently improve all processes and products.

We design, manufacture and provide the installation and service for all our products in harmony with care to improve permanently the life environment at premises of the company and outside the company area as well with respect to all spheres of the life environment. We are aware of our duty to follow the requirements of the legal regulations and others, which we accepted.

Safety work and the health protection
The safety work and the health protection is the one of key priorities, when we provide our contractor’s intentions. Within this framework we persistently improve conditions within the company and we follow the legislative requirements, which we entered to. The personnel training in this field and strengthening of their responsibility towards their health and health of their collaborators we consider as a decisive presumption for permanent improvement.