Railway turnout trackwork

All products we supply in all accessible rail sections and required gauges to follow all applied requirements with respect to the velocity, load, transport volume and so on.

All structures are designed pursuant to the international standards, or in harmony with specific requirements of the customer.

The turnout trackwork is proposed and designed with respect to the way of its utilization. We offer the railway turnout trackwork for:

  • High speed tracks – railway corridors
  • Heavy haul tracks
  • Regional tracks
  • Underground tracks
  • Factory sidings, ports
  • Single turnouts
  • Curved turnouts
  • Diamond crossings
  • Double slips
  • Crossovers (single, double)

The up-to-date turnout trackwork is delivered as laid onto concrete sleepers, especially for high speed tracks – 160 k.p.h. According to the requirement of the customer turnouts may be installed onto wooden or steel sleepers as well.

The production of spare parts for all kinds of supplied trackwork is obvious.