Point Machines

The setting boxes are made within the framework of the overall deliveries of the tramway turnouts for inland and foreign country customers as well.

We were between the first one, who responded the requirement of the transporting companies to have possibility to install the low height setting box within the tramway network reconstructions.

The low height setting boxes DT4, DT5 and DT6 with its height 180 mm including the ground box with cover enable the railway superstructure installation onto concrete basement, possibly the assembly into slender bridge structures as well.

The DT3, DT5 and DT6 rail boxes are designed for passage the switch rail tip facing when the tramway switch is manually or automatically operated and make the switch rails locking in their extreme positions possible by means of retention mechanism and the independent monitoring of the points position is enabled as well.

The box mechanism enables the safety trailing passage through the switch. The continual setting of the trailing force volume is possible as well.

The setting of automatic setting boxes is carried out via hydraulic box (DT5 and DT6) or by means of electro-magnetic (DT3) actuator positioned into the watertight box with way of feeding pursuant to the requirement of the customer:

  • Traction voltage (600-750V DC)
  • distributing network (230V – 230/400V AC)
  • low voltage (24V DC)

Point Machine DT 5, Brno, The Czech Republic