Research and Development

We are aware of the fact to be successful under current trend to enhance the normalized and standardized requirements, a flexible and quick response towards the requirements of our customers is the basis for success. We apply the effort to follow following trends:

  • Single parts operational life enhancement
  • Noise and vibrations decrease
  • Maintenance-free parts manufacture, with positive influence on ecology and on already inconvenient parts easier way of replacement

We introduce new parts into certified process, which has following phases:

  1. A motive to develop new parts designed for railway and tramway turnouts comes at first through the phase of the equipment actual state assessment and of the patent rights.
  2. Then follows the proposal of several design variants. After opponent proceedings the skilled personnel specifies the final appearance of given prototype part with respect to the design, technology, manufacture and marketing.
  3. The selected prototype part manufacture.
  4. Validation – the defined parameters are verified at the testing track within the common operation. The period of testing lasts one till three years usually.
  5. After a successful validation the part is introduced into the catalogue list and offered to the customers.