Railway turnout trackwork

Location of the Czech Republic railway transit corridors

Our most important customers are advanced renowned construction companies, who carry out orders for the chief investor, who is the Správa železniční dopravní cesty-SŽDC- (Railway Transportation Route Headquarter).

The SŽDC is responsible for upgrading and building of new corridor tracks in the Czech Republic. Thus the decisive parts are orders of the corridor type made in system UIC60 and S49 in 2nd generation.

Within the fifteen year period we carried out modernization of the S49 system and we successfully developed a new generation of UIC60 turnouts, which are delivered predominantly for the Czech Republic railway transit corridors.

Our company was the supplier of turnouts for:

I. transit railway corridor Děčín-Břeclav Railway Stations
II. transit railway corridor Břeclav – Petrovice Railway Station, Slovakian state borders

Moreover supplies are carried out for:

III. railway transit corridor Prague - Pilsen – Cheb Railway Stations
IV. railway corridor Prague - Benešov -České Budějovice Railway Stations – State border

We also take part on currently built railway knots Přerov, Pilsen Railway Stations. Shortly the building of further knots will start in Railway Stations Olomouc and Břeclav-2nd part.

Turnout trackwork production within 2000 till 2012, installed into SŽDC net

Railway superstructure system Number of supplied turnout trackwork
UIC 60 1559
S 49 2nd generation 652
S 49 1st generation 494
R 65 125

References – Czech Republic